Sunday, March 24, 2013

Checking out Soundcloud - you can set your upload for downloading - might be one way to add tracks (you can do this in Audacity).

Put up

and both go to the same site, but differently -

- Alan


  1. as I mentioned in another note, my soundcloud page for the course is
    I welcome any & all of you to download tracks you like and add your own sounds to them. I think it'd be great if we can make some collaborative tracks, somehow. Speaking of making tracks together, where is/are everyone located? If possible to get together for a New York (Brooklyn!) jam I'm sure that would be great fun...

  2. Ah - here it is! I think perhaps when we announce pieces or partial pieces, we should put them in separate posts so they're easier to find. And thanks Chris!

  3. Chris, have you worked much with harmonics or bowing the bass? And since you're around, we should play live together sometime - you could run the bass thru my amplifier here.