Thursday, May 9, 2013

from the captain &c

I particularly liked/contemplated/related to #1 on this list list of musical instrux:

fwiw, I haven't been playing as much the past few days, mainly because I've had to concentrate on listening to & producing (etc.) an abundance of audio files for a major project-- which is going to continue for at least a few weeks. Not entirely away from playing, of course, but somewhat diverted by _dealing_ w/recorded (improv + other) sounds instead of making new ones. one upshot is that i'm hearing a lot of interesting stuff & definitely learn from reflecting on it all. today i found an improv jam Andrew Klobucar & I did that I'll post on my soundcloud for the heck of it...


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  1. The problem with not practicing is that you lose muscle memory and forget what you're building on - if you practice just fifteen minutes a day you'll forestall that. Not just listen to the birds but play with them but be gentle and answer them, don't take the lead. Flute is excellent for that!

    I think of the files second and the music first and it works better for me that way -