Wednesday, May 1, 2013

long-necked saz improvisation on certain note clusters


  1. Seriously impressed by this-- great stamina & what I want to call "cultural sound"--but is really more like musical acumen. I am pretty sure we've played together with you on saz before & would like to do it again sometime (soon!).

    I wanted to mention that my teaching at NJIT concludes tonight, so I'll have a bit more free time (though I've just learned that I have a major sound-installation project to work on this summer). Hopefully this means we can set up a time or 2 to play together & make some recordings--

    ok, for now

  2. Absolutely we should get together and play sometime soon! And thanks - it was done without fingerpicks which is a bit difficult for me - I usually use what's called an Alaska pick on my right index finger, but skipped it for the session. I think we've played together maybe with electric saz? Not sure with the acoustic ones - I have two now, the long-necked and the cura, as well as the cura cumbus. They're seriously beautiful to play since a lot of arm motion is involved, especially on the long-necked! And thank you so much for your response - most of the time I feel I'm playing into the air. Certainly for this Underakademy format, everyone else has dropped out, even though they're still listed on the right. Very strange -