Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thinking with a little help from Azure and my friend Bishop Zareh, I want to start a blog called Clarinets for Eagles. There are a number of reasons for this, not least of which is my love of both improvisatory music and ornithology. It's to be noted that -

1. Eagles not only have no clarinets - they have no woodwinds in general.
2. There are rumors that in fact at one point they did have clarinets - the evidence being the clarinets available everywhere at yard sales with claw marks around the sound-holes.
3. There is a theory that clarinets in particular were unpopular among eagles because of the difficulties of beaks handling single-reed embrochures.
4. There's another theory that eagles in fact have never been able to afford clarinets, which might account for the relative paucity of the instruments in eagle nests, as well as the uncanny silence of clarinets in most of the forests and high places frequented by eagles.
5. Clarinets for Eagles hopes to reverse these literally unsettling trends by, in fact, finding and repairing clarinets for eagles. *

* This calls for a major effort as well as affinity marketing; it also implies convergence of course among silos containing saxophones, bassoons, etc., with the technological enterprise fully entangled and operational within the marketing sphere in general.

More later as this develops.

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