Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just did this from the air and sound within Adobe Premiere and like it both as sound and the presence of the visual with the texts - with the Cuph was thinking of the Hebrew alphabet as well as other semitic ones, then there's koph/head and the kopf/h alphabet and so forth...



CUPH Cairo University Paediatric Hospital (Egypt) CUPH Center for
Urban Population Health (Milwaukee, WI) 73 Historical Documents &
Family Trees with Cuph 38 Census and Voter Lists Immigration
Records 8 Birth, Marriage, and Deaths 27 Member Family Trees
Military Records Advanced domain report about cuph.org. According
to our report this website is hosted on IP that is
hosted by University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.At this present
cuph.org estimated worth is: $ 85,522 in our system .Last
Updated:04/30-2013 gcide:  Cup wn:  cup moby-thes:  cup vera:
cph cup cups easton:  Cup Suph Zuph Cush hitchcock:  Zuph Cush
Cuth cuph.wordpress.com I have known Gorontalo since they were
announced as a new province, apart from North Sulawesi. The brand
that they are trying to promote is the .Province of Corn.. It
[...] the double-headed (Diels' nice "Doppelkopfe") crowds
reverberating with a sounds after brockman victor weisskopf
gregory bateson ed john 4320 clone \par \pard\plain
\f0\fs24\lang1033 {\rtlch \ltrch\loch\f0\fs24\lang1033\i0\b0
Victor Weisskopf and Gregory Bateson, in Real Time II, ed. John
Brockman, 1973} Victor Weisskopf and Gregory Bateson, in Real Time
II, ed. John Brockman,
|   |   a96-kopf.pdf
|   |       a96-kopf.pdf
 on desperation), mem, ayin, koph


  1. I like the video, sound, & text, & thought it might be interesting to see the text as a type of "ticker" in (at the bottom of?) the video?

    1. not sure how to do that, the other thing is the menacing quality of the piece, cutting through the air, through the head koph, and that quality would be lost in the process of reading. on the other hand it's difficult to imagine anyone other than me sitting through the three minutes of churning and light -

  2. fwiw, I watched the piece a couple of times. Though it's not necessary, of course, you could change the video to flv format and then (in Flash, or other), in a second layer, run the text streaming across the bottom. I don't know why you'd do that... it was just something I thought of!

  3. I haven't done things like that - when you come over and we play together, maybe you could show me how? What program would I need? Do you know if Premiere could do something like that?

    Thanks -