Thursday, April 18, 2013

a couple of new tracks up on SC

the gig at SLC went fairly well, although listening back to (& watching) the first piece today, I wish I'd played it a little differently... I shouldn't have played as steadily (as I have been advised)! Putting these up for review, comment, etc.

resettling the studio now & hope to be playing a little later today

cheers, friends, cf


  1. what is SLC? apologies - don't know the acronym. were there visuals as well? thanks, Alan

    1. and btw really like your singing here - just listening to a small part now, have to go offline :-(

  2. Alan, thanks. SLC is Sarah Lawrence College. & Yes, there are visuals is well. The better of the 2 pieces (imo) is posted up on youtube
    pretty happy with how it turned out; btw about 1/3+ is played in upper octave (thxx to you)

    i tuned the lyrics, shaping output from C.O. Hartman's PyProse, which I've done once or twice (or 500 times) before. I have also made a flash movie (with a different improvised soundtrack made in this course) using some the same lyric, which is up at


  3. the upper octave and speed sounds good and singing as well - for some weird reason reminds me of Bukowski! also wonder if you do this with projecting the words?

  4. The flash I like a little less, but I like your voice and complexity in the live performance given the character of the writing -