Saturday, April 6, 2013

Solo violin

Recordings of my solo violin improvisations can be found here:

There are quite a few so feel free to dip in and listen as you please. They are mostly studies in one particular thing - whether a timbre, a way of bowing or a particular gesture. Thoughts/ comments welcome!


  1. Hi Peter, I like what I've heard; I wonder about the length of pieces and whether you'd consider multi-tracking them. But then I tend to favor complexity, and the sparseness here reminds me of a more 'zen' approach of careful listening. Is there a way to set the examples so that a listener could play more than one at a time?

    There are a lot of people here in NYC exploring the range/attributes of acoustic instruments - Nate Wooley, whose work on the trumpet has interested me a great deal.

    The problem with exploring instruments is that the instrument itself seems to dominate; I'm wondering how you record these? There are people working, for example, with bassoon recording every soundhole separately - and you might be able to do something with multiple mics? I hope others will come in and comment on these as well.

    I wanted to ask what you're thinking of, theoretically, here? My complexity tends to hid the instrument in a way, although what I do on one instrument is very diff. than what I could do on another. But still it's a different way of speaking. It would be interesting to play together, to add tracks for example in Audacity between my mess and your clarity, and see what emerges.

    And apologies to everyone for coming in late. - There's a lot to do and listen to here!

  2. PO: Pleased to meet, etc. I took a listen to some of yr tracks & liked doing so. Wondering if you might be willing to share a couple of mp3s w/me somehow? I have dropbox, etc. If so, b/c me via thanks!