Monday, April 8, 2013

Lawrence Upton Introduction

The following with a few typos etc updated was sent to Alan a while back:-

My piano lessons were stopped at 13 or 14 because I wouldn't practice. I have been an _experimental_ percussionist (Cobbing's Round Dance text-sound composition for instance) but could never get away with being a competent percussionist. Apart from that, as Brian Eno said, I play the recording studio. Fylking Stockholm 70s, West Square London 70s and 80s and since then home studio as that became possible; since early this century Goldsmiths University of London EMS now

And I sound sing

composing with a mixture of vomiting and choking as I think Alan Sondheim described it in 2003, a description I have always favoured. In the 90s I performed with Bob Cobbing a lot. Nowadays I find myself associated with Goldsmiths Music Dept. During the 90s I have made text-sound composition with John Drever. Masses of it really. Carefully planned but finally improv. I am happy to talk about that. With Benedict Taylor, a fine violist.

>If you have any experience with online improvisation,
Depends what you mean, perhaps no. I tend towards live improv. I am pretty familiar with the web and computers. I have Audacity on my pc. I have not done anything connected over distance

>And please, if you're thinking of dropping out (this happens to a certain percentage all the time), please let me know, so I don't try to chase you down for participation!
It's a risk because I am so busy just now; but I am rather keen on doing this and will try not to drop out


  1. Hi Lawrence! Could you put up some of your work? And would like to hear about the text-sound composition you've done - also in relation to Taylor - I have a personal interest in viola, since I also play one (more or less Arabic-style, sitting on the floor, holding it vertically, with a tuning like CGcg) and love it - it's an odd instrument. And here for everyone interested - which is also a serious subject - there have been articles written on the viola's acceptance or not. -

    Any URLs greatly appreciated, and if you can work with any of the materials put up, that would be terrific -

  2. glad to see you out here LU! & hope you are doing alright... it'll be terrific if you can hang with us a bit here...