Sunday, April 21, 2013

watching storks (best)
- cura -
- cura cumbus -

watching storks on their nest, one egg present, they
are creating a soft pocket of moss and dirt surrounded
by twigs, at one point, the male mounted the female,
perhaps the egg is infertile, or an unknown pattern, i
cannot read these animals, black storks in Estonia,
their grooming behavior amazing, their call fantastic,
so quietly among the neuroses of the cura saz playing
the light (fantastic) and dark (surrounding)
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improvisation tonight working scales on cura sazs while listening and watching
black storks on an Estonian webcam -


  1. I'm guessing you get the sounds (of the storks?) from a webcam (& send to your speakers)? IF so, that's truly awesome.
    I play with the birds out here from time to time, perplexing them, mostly!
    Have you ever checked out David Rothenberg's _Why Birds Sing_? Fascinating book. Rothenberg, who's at NJIT, has recorded with whales, birds, insects...
    YOu're able to extend range & elaborate much better than I. beautiful as always!

  2. Yes, from the webcam in Estonia; they're black storks. I've also played w/ birds, usually on flute for call and response which works. I don't know Rothenberg's book - is it technical? I'd be interested if it is; I've read a lot and have several books on birdsong - Azure and I both have an interest in ornithology (which does make us good birders but close watchers of behavior!) -