Wednesday, April 24, 2013

lyrical interlude

Instead of playing, I worked with course texts yesterday and came up with a few lyrics to share. Wish I could say sounds were used to create these texts, but these are text-to-text transcreations, based on course transmissions... steps along the way. I was using various combinations of spell-check technique and also working with the substitution algorithm inside Klobucar/Ayre's GTR LANGUAGE WORKBENCH (borrowing a 32 bit laptop from NJIT in order to do so), and plan to continue re-processing these & other course documents as time passes. I am also going to try to musically improvise from these texts, which would be something new to me. Want to branch out & start playing other instruments, & this concept & "move" would open up other sonic possibilities/interpretations...

Text Improv No. 1

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Text Improv No.2

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Text Improv No. 3

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Text Improv No. 4

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Text Improv No. 5 

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  1. Not sure why, but I really like all of them, and #3 the best - it's the one with syntax eerily reminiscent of early Clark Coolidge but then he's got so many books I get lost. I see your texts as a kind of granular synthesis of language itself and it works for me - I remember when you used the bass I think to generate words on screen - were you reading then as well? I don't remember, but I could see all of these things combined. Then of course what would happen if you read the text through the mouthharp playing...

  2. Thanks, Alan,
    These were my first fusions of spell-check method and using algorithmic processes within Klobucar/Ayre's GTR Language Workbench (I was/am kind of at a point where neither of the approaches were giving me results that satisfied). There's a bit of work involved, but glad how these texts came out.
    When I play & make words, most often I am singing other lyrics-- it'd be a good challenge to sing what appears (spontaneously/randomly) on the screen...

  3. What is the GTR Language Workbench? Not familiar with it - I did see Andrew and Jeff at HASTAC and talked to them about the recent work.
    I've thought a lot about spell-check and at least with aspell and ispell in linux/unix, adding all the possibilities that appear as substitutions - that way you get instant and dogged rhyming as well -

  4. Alan: The GTR LW is a piece of software designed by Andrew Klobucar and David Ayre, which they published a few years ago, and which was republished in NEWARK REVIEW 3.0 (see I have had a great time playing with it (mainly since 2010), and as Leo Flores points out in his recent I <3 E-Poetry entry on some of my algorithmic writing ( I've used to produce several works. Definitely worth a look...

  5. I saw your stuff on Flores' site - went over to it. So now I have something else to work with, and again thanks - owe you for all of these! -